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Auto Electric Checks in Corona and Riverside County

One of the most if not the most daunting aspects of the automotive industry. Electronics can be a very complex system, but rest assured here at Precision Import Auto Repair we have factory trained master technicians that are very confident when it comes to electrical operation. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology combined with 30 plus years of experience, there has never been an electrical issue that we could not repair.

Is your car in a top-working condition right now and ready for any adventure? We make sure, it is! We perform essential and advanced electric vehicle checks, before driving a long journey, so you know exactly what to inspect before heading off. All types of checks are equally important to ensuring a safe and efficient road trip.

Explore below to find the list of vital electric vehicle checks before driving off on a long journey. Those are things you can also do on your own:

  • Top-up your battery
  • Checking the fluids
  • Checking and testing the brakes
  • Checking and testing the lightning
  • Tires check
  • Checking the windows
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